Welcome to our official website! We are a small team of Fallout enthusiasts working on creating a multiplayer roleplaying experience within Minecraft, set on Oahu, Hawaii. On this website you will find links to our youtube channel and discord, our resource pack and our animation tool for making Optifine animations. You can also read the lore of the island and its inhabitants under the Holotapes tab, and in the future there will be a Wiki tab that will give a detailed walkthrough of every quest and interaction available on the server.


This project started off simply as a DnD project, but quickly grew in scope, to a point where we’re working towards creating an entire game within Minecraft’s engine. We are pushing vanilla Minecraft to its absolute limits, utilizing Optifine and Bukkit plugins. There are 0 mods involved (unless you consider optifine). We have already managed to break many barriers and continuously push the limits of the base game.

The Story:

The island’s fauna and natural wildlife is constantly evolving and becoming more and more dangerous. Whether it's the dangerous sea creatures that attack fishing vessels, the mutated animals that raid farms, the pests and ghouls that prevent people from scavenging the leftovers of the old world, or even the extremely toxic plants like the infectious Oha fungus. It is quite clear that the island wants to get rid of it’s human inhabitants.

In the past, following the fallout of the Great War, the survivors managed to somehow thrive, creating new functioning governments and towns. But now, this is all history. The Pearl Republic has lost 90% of its land due to increased dangers, and its settlements calling for independence. The Red Star Alliance in the north is getting ravaged by a huge group of brainwashed cultists and are beginning to clash heads with the Knights of Poseidon, and the Coalition is trying to get by while the Republic and the Knights keep chipping away at its little claim to freedom.

Despite the four groups being constantly at each other’s necks, they all share the same goal: to try and reclaim all the land lost to mutation and infection. For now, they fight over the simplest things, such as food supplies and basic resources, not knowing that the solution to all of their problems has been sleeping underground this whole time.

The year is 2190, and the “big players” are starting to play the high stakes game.


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